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The SSIS association with Sunshine Solves and Mr. Jerome Moore began early in the 2020-2021 School Year when they installed ethernet drops in each of our classrooms and improved our campus wireless access. Sunshine expertly handled the procurement of materials, installation of additonal wireless access points, and updating of the SSIS main data distribution. Originally, the contract was for several consecutive days beyond school hours to eliminate classroom interruptions. The Sunshine Solves team was closely observed and was highly professional. The most important aspect of their work was the care and pride in execution that resulted in a greatly improved SSIS network. Sunshine even traveled from North Carolina to Florida three additional weekends to fine tune and make adjustments. I am most impressed with Mr. Moore’s ability to troubleshoot problems. During one week last Fall issues arose with our network provider and local network services agency. Sunshine is credited with solving network issues and temporary suspension of SSIS email. Mr. Moore and several highly competent individuals worked evenings to restore service. The SSIS Executive Director noticed and commented on Sunshine’s protective attitude toward SSIS in which our problems were corrected immediately. Mr. Moore realized that a school is a special client. Both staff and students online access and business functions were negatively affected before Sunshine Solutions and Mr. Moore rescued SSIS. I know Mr. Moore and Sunshine operate with a mission to “Under promise and Over deliver!” The Suncoast Charter School can attest to the validity of this statement. Another positive Sunshine Solvess association is the communication between vendor and client. The volume of emails, texts, voice and Facetime phone calls will be unbelievable. The progress and understanding between parties is essential. Requests will be handled and expect proper “follow-through.” More than $125,000 of Lenovo computer purchases were made by SSIS through Sunshine Solves. SSIS received a superior BANG for the BUCK. Mr. Moore’s expertise was ever present to assist, suggest, and realize the best possible computers for SSIS Kindergarten through 5th grade students during the last several months. SSIS is extremely grateful. When certain computers were unavailable Mr. Moore managed to substitute an even better choice. I am still mystified that he and Lenovo were able to operate within our limited charter school budget. Somehow Sunshine was able to honor the mid-sized PC price for a Cadillac Computer choice. In closing you will be making an enlightened choice by selecting Sunshine Solves. It is a good organization with good people. SSIS and I will be glad to answer any specific inquiries. Ron Zimmerman Suncoast School for Innovative Studies
Emilia Clarke
Ron z
IT Director